Shin splints…..

…..One thing that can halt you in your tracks when you start a new exercise regime, especially a running one, is shin splints.

A sharp agonising pain down the front of you shins. Maybe just one leg, maybe both. The pain differs from person to person and can be treated in many ways.

shin splints

If you suffer from shin splints though while exercising you should stop that particular exercise straight away before making them worse.

Stretching before hand can help. Particularly the calf muscles and hamstrings. Improving calf strength, abductor strength and hip muscles can help prevent the onset of shin splints.

The calf muscles are the biggest muscle group involved in shin splints and strengthening these can help stabilise the tibia on each side.

Recommended stretches are calf raises, forearm plank, single leg raises, shin stretch, toe stretch and low lunge ankle stretch.

These should all help to halt shin splints before they appear and ruin your favourite workout.

Not stretching before a workout is just one of the causes of shin splints.

Below are some more:

Running with bad form – supination or overpronation are the most common.

Not giving yourself enough recovery time between runs

Running on hard surfaces such as pavements or a track, try to find a pmark, field or running track

Running uphill, downhill or on unstable terrain puts pressure on the shins so try to avoid

Start slowly, beginning a workout routine too aggressively could bring on shin

New or worn-out footwear that don’t support the feet or that you’re not used to yet can aggravate shin splints. Sometimes inner soles can help with this.

Treatment for shin splints can include massage therapy and foam rolling this will help prevent future pain and swelling.

Varying your workout- this relieves the pressure from one area of the body to enable you to build strength in other areas.

Start a new exercise regime slowly and take regular rest days/periods. Muscle recovery plays a large part and is crucial when running as if your muscles are already worn out this can increase the build up of scar tissue and muscle adhesions to form where they shouldn’t.

I myself have suffered previously from shin splints and they are enough on their own to put you off running for life, however I have nearly completed the Couch to 5K training which has enabled me to run at my own pace and gradually build up the strength and stamina in my legs to be able to run for longer periods of time.

I will be starting my own Couch to 5K training sessions after Christmas for absolute beginners to running, Contact me for more details

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