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I’m Becca and I’m a Fitness & Nutrition Instructor specialising one to one fitness sessions either in online or face to face sessions in my private Studio in Barley or I can travel to you and train in the comfort of your own home or outdoors in a public place

I also offer education and guidance for Nutrition for health and weight management, Nutrition for sport and exercise, exercise for fat loss, behaviour change coaching and pre and post natal nutrition.

I create tailored programmes along side nutrition advice to help you on your journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Each session is designed around your ability and goals. My programmes vary and can include boot camp style sessions, resistance workouts, cardio and core stability.

I gained all my qualifications through Future Fit Ltd, who were awarded UK’s number one Training Provider in 2017 and 2018.

I help clients on a one to one basis as well as group consultations. My classes and courses are tailored to suit each client as each client is different.

I offer a fun, motivational hands on approach whilst making my sessions enjoyable. My goal is to help all my clients succeed in their progress and change their mindset as well as developing the skills to reach their own goals – there are no diets or meal plans involved!!

My sessions are varied, enjoyable, motivating, fun and YES I will join in with you and YES I will also moan and swear when it gets a bit tough. I am only human too.

My ethos is fitter, happier, healthier, I don’t offer a one size fits all programme, what I can offer is advice, education and information and a new outlook on how to eat and drink well, sleep better, move more and relax easier.

I won’t bamboozle you with numbers or terminology, I want your journey with me to be enjoyable, fun, motivating and most of all successful. This is a lifestyle change for good not just for after Christmas!!


So how does it all work?


Initially I’ll ask you to fill in some forms.

1. A health questionnaire for insurance purposes to check you are ready to start a fitness programme.

2. A form to discuss your ultimate fitness goals. This form will break down the incremental steps forming the basis of your fitness journey. We will also use this tool to monitor your progress along the way. Remember to keep your goals S.M.A.R.T. Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic and Time.

3. An overall Client Initial Assessment form. This helps me to really get to know you better and understand why you want to start this journey. It also gives you the opportunity to really think about your environment,  things you’ve tried, what you like and don’t like etc etc. It also gives me an insight into how ready you are to start your fitness journey.


Want to know more

To see what we can do for you please drop us a line.

I’m waiting to help you start your journey.

Fitter, Happier, Healthier 


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