The Keto Diet…..

… it sustainable?

A Low Carb Diet can reduce your appetite, by eating more protein and fat which in
turn reduces your calorie intake. Your weight reduction is also faster than a low fat diet especially in the first few weeks, without the feeling of being hungry. In the short term, Yes it can be effective in losing weight.

Keto food pyramid

Low Carb diets are very effective in reducing harmful abdominal fat which over
time drastically reduces risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
Other benefits include increasing good cholesterol, lowering blood sugar and insulin
levels which may treat and possibly reverse type 2 diabetes.

This diet is not for everyone, for it to work effectively you have to do everything right.
Some of the foods allowed in this diet include moderate amounts of meat, seafood and eggs, vegetables aplenty, some fruit ,nuts and avocado.

No snacks or processed foods are allowed.

However the downsides of this diet include constipation, headaches, bad breath, fatigue and irritability. Transitioning into this diet is not pleasant and sleep and hydration will help, in the long run though for most, following a high fat diet will be challenging to maintain.

This diet is technically a restrictive diet and perhaps a bit boring as you eat the same foods most of the time. The eating habits it promotes may lead to heart rhythm problems and may also make exercising more difficult due to the lack of carbohydrate intake.

Whilst the Keto diet rules as one of the most popular, as well as highly researched diets out there now, it is a very divided debate for its audience. Please note though, the Keto Diet is not a miracle fat burner, as the calories in fat you consume are still calories! So working out and keeping the total calorie intake at a reasonable level is the only way this will work – pretty much like any diet plan!! Following it incorrectly can lead to intake of excess fats and in turn increased cholesterol levels leading to heart disease.

In turn, I would advise following a balanced diet with regular exercise to have a fitter, happier and healthier lifestyle. Contact me now to arrange a free one to one consultation to see how you can join this fitness journey.

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