Fitness Instruction: As a Fitness instructor/coach I can provide tailored exercise programmes alongside a nutrition and weight management course. All exercises can be carried out in the comfort of your own home or outdoors. I also have my own gym space at home which you can use.

I can provide the equipment and show you the correct way to carry out different exercises to reach your full potential safely and effectively.

Core Training: The most common area of the body which clients ask for help to improve is their core. Mainly for aesthetic reasons but sometimes for rehabilitation purposes also. I can provide a tailored programme to suit your fitness levels, increase your stabilisation, improve your posture and your balance. I will teach you how to find your core, use it correctly and maximize your workouts.

Functional Equipment Training: Do you ever get out of breath going up the stairs? Do you wish you could play with you children or grand children without getting out of breath in the first 3 minutes? Is lifting the shopping becoming increasingly difficult? If any of these or other similar situations ring true then maybe you need some help making your activities for daily living easier.

It’s of huge importance as it’s effects will help clients to function better through using exercises to : increase muscle mass, decrease body fat percentage, improve flexibility, increase enjoyment and provide a fun element to exercise, improve sports performance and rehabilitate

Circuit Training: This is a balanced and effective workout performed in a short amount of time. You can work at your own intensity however its in a group environment. It helps to improve overall aerobic and muscular fitness.

Regular Circuit Training can increase Lean Muscle Mass. Sedentary clients will benefit from a basic circuit training programme as this will promote primary functions in activities for daily living.