Doctors and Nutrition

Whilst doctors are the ones describing you as being over weight or obese, they go through very little training in medical school to be able to advise the science behind nutrition.

Although this is not down to the individual medical student, the course itself offers very little lecture time to cover the importance of nutrition.
Lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease cost the NHS around £16bn a year. The chances are if you are going to see your GP regarding your weight, they will know very little regarding nutrition and how to prescribe a healthy lifestyle.

A nutrition expert will teach you the science behind leading a healthy lifestyle. This will include learning about macro and micro nutrients, how many you need to run on a daily basis and how to ensure you are consuming the right balance of each one.

If qualified they can even provide you with a tailored exercise programme to suit. One you can carry out at home, either on your own or with a professional.

Get set Go can help with this.

We run nutrition and weight management courses across Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. These bring groups of like minded people with like minded goals together to learn more about the science of nutrition.

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