Are you counting the right calories……

…….Have you ever wondered why you’re counting calories all day everyday and not achieving anything?

The idea of counting calories to help with weight loss has been around for many years. The public believe that by consuming less calories this will lead to considerable weight loss and whilst yes this will happen it can also have reverse effects if not carried out effectively.

It’s all very well saying well as a woman I’m allowed 2000 calories on average per day, however if all those calories are made up from sugar and starchy carbohydrates that are very calorific, in the long run this is not beneficial to your overall health as well as not providing the body with the correct nutrients.

I had a friend that had this mentality. Funnily enough now she is a diabetic!

Counting calories is beneficial but only if carried out in the right way.

You need to calculate your BMR – basal metabolic rate – how many calories your body needs just to tick over throughout the course of the day.

Once you have this you can then calculate how many calories you consume on an average day.

Once you have both these pieces of information you can calculate how much weight you want to lose and how much the calorie deficit should be.

There is a science behind this and I can help you achieve your goal in an effective and healthy way which will last.

For one to one sessions in the comfort of your own home or group sessions with your friends please contact me

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