Prices & Packages


One to One Sessions – In your own home or outdoors From £25 – £35 (typically last an hour)

Plus One – Bring A Friend for an additional £10

Group Sessions – Up to 10 people.

Sessions are varied and can include circuits, team games or competitions

Please contact for prices

Corporate Fitness – Encourage your colleagues to stretch their legs at Lunchtime. –

Please contact for prices


Food Diary Analysis – Understand what you are eating and identify areas for improvement and change.

£95 includes a follow up session and recommendations

Please contact for more information.

Nutrition Sessions – Can be remote or Face to Face, to discuss all areas of nutrition from weight management to sports nutrition.

£30 per session (typically last an hour)

Kids Fitness

Kids Multi Sport Sessions – Please contact for venues and prices

Kids Sports Parties – At a venue of your choice, all equipment supplied, can be multi sport or a sport of your child’s choice – From £75

Lifestyle Coaching and Habit Formation

One to One Sessions – Help you achieve goals,overcome obstacles and create a fitter, happier, healthier you! £40 per session

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