Team Building Work Shops

Corporate Team Building Sports Work shops

Bring your team closer together by re-igniting their youth through sport.

Nothing brings a team together better than a bit of healthy competition. Choose from a wide variety of sports, from archery to football, playground games to sports day races. Tug of War to Ski Slalom.

Tailor made packages to suit you and your work force.

Benefits of Team Building Days include

Increased Productivity and improved motivation

Increased Collaboration and improved communication

Improves Work Based Projects. After team building exercises employees understand each others strengths, weaknesses and interests.

Alternative Options

Circuit Training – get your colleagues pulses raised during a circuit sessions for all ages and abilities

Core Training – start with a introduction into why the Core is so important and how to assess the core strength of your colleagues

Posture Correction Seminar – Learn how to improve your posture through a hands on practical session with a qualified instructor

Nutrition Centre – Learn the science behind a healthy way of life, improve nutrition knowledge, take home new recipes to try and also learn how to count calories effectively and correctly.

Functional Equipment Training – Learn exercises that will help to improve your daily activity lifestyle. Basic exercises to help make life easier, improve flexibility, decrease body fat percentage and increase muscle mass.

For more information or to arrange a work shop please contact me

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