Beat the Seat

Introducing Lunch Hour Recess Sessions

Encourage your colleagues or employees to take a break from sitting at their desk and staring at the screen

Come and Join in with games at your workplace and relive an element of your youth.

Remember when playtime was all about tagging games, bull dog, ball games and hide and seek. Come and join in with all these games again with your work colleagues. Encourage your department to team up against another to have weekly competitions and monthly tournaments.

No pressure, no judgement, no hard military approach, just pure and simple fun to get your pulse raised. All ages, all abilities welcome to come and join in. For more information or to arrange a session please contact me.

Reasons to Exercise during the Working Day

Improves our Mood – an improved mood can positively improve performance.

Helps to get a better nights sleep

You take fewer sick days at work

Regular exercise helps curb feelings of anxiety & depression – when you exercise the brain releases seratonin which improves your state of mind and enables you to handle stresses at work better.

The recent studies have shown, that employees who spent 2.5 hours a week being physically active were more satisfied with the quantity and quality of their work

Physically active employees are less stressed. When people are able to deal with stress constructively and regularly at that moment, it’s more likely that the relationship between co-workers remains good and the working atmosphere stays calm and open.

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